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Cost effective car modification

If you love pimped cars and you want your Jeep a ‘little’ modified, Jeep Planet is the place to visit! Modifying your car is a long and open-minded process, it requires one step at a time. There are some who may want to change the entire look of their vehicle, and others want to have a few parts improved.

Jeep Planet offers Jeep vehicle customization at an affordable price. Car modification can come at a costly price, but it also increases the value of a vehicle. Prior to pimping your Jeep, you need to make an accurate plan on each part that’s meant to be modified and how it may possibly affect another. Our car experts will advise on solutions for each idea before final commitments.

We specialize in Jeep pimping. Our services include light bar covers, tyres, hackles, and jeep tube doors, to name a few. We offer a variety of styles and designs leaving your Jeep flashy, unique and getting you the attention you deserve. Jeep Planet prides itself in completing a job according to a client’s specifications.



We specialise in making bumpers! We can help you get the customized Jeep of your dreams.

Roof Racks

Roof Racks

High density aluminum, built to withstand the stress of Africa. Off road strength, on road durability

Rock Sliders

Rock Sliders

Decrease damage to your 4 x 4s chassis by fitting a popular much needed accessory!

Tyres & Rims

Tyres & Rims

Reasonably priced tyre fitment, extremely competitive prices here at Jeep Planet

Begin your Jeep adventure today!

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