Products & Services

Jeep Planet is a leader in vehicle accessories. Our services are rendered in and around Gauteng, specializing in Jeep vehicle pimping and customization.

We are driven by passion and are a go-to company for Jeep owners. Jeep Planet understands the costs of pimping a Jeep, hence we offer quality products at a competitive price. The Jeep market is very overpriced, and there aren’t a variety of retailers to purchase from. We offer quality, locally sourced products, to complete our job on time.

Jeep Planet specializes in in the Jeep wrangler JK/JKU range however we are prepared to cater for a client if they have an older Jeep. Not only do we specialize in Jeep vehicle modification, we also do events planning on our Facebook page.

Prior to pimping your Jeep, clients should consider communicating the idea with their vehicle insurance as this may affect insurance term agreements and premiums. A simple Jeep modification start can be lowering your suspensions, adding new rims and tyres to make your Jeep look sleek.

Our other services include lights, bumpers, bonnets, balance tyres and wiring for trailer installation, to name a few. We pride ourselves in meeting our client’s requirements at an affordable price. Jeep Planet also supplies the following to Jeep owners, tyres, rims, fenders, grills, cargo covers and many other accessories.

Our workshop does minimal and complete customization. Contact  Jeep Planet for a quote.


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